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Sunday, March 6, 2016

A little design and fab for the portfolio

I’m focused on contracting right now (and lining up work for March and April if you have anything) and considering a couple of f/t jobs that might open up this Summer.

I’m also doing some design work for my portfolio.   One is a software project for a x-y table interface to help people who need to crank out work and optimize time.  It’s almost feature complete for testing on the Lasersaur project, but I’ll probably redesign/recode every screen at least once before it hits Alpha.  That’s just how new software projects work, write what you think you should write, evaluate, then plan on writing most of it again now that you know what you want.

The other thing I’m doing is furniture and fixtures.   For decades I’ve used toolboxes for storage and it’s not so bad in the shop where I can hang walls of pegboard then store rarely used tools in a toolbox.  But in my studio where there is no room on the walls?  I’ve had a toolbox on my studio bench for 10 years and am constantly trying to find the right wrench or widget.  I made a rotating tool stand on a whim and it’s so damn useful I put it for sale on Etsy and made a demo video:


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