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Monday, December 22, 2008

hardware sketching

I’m really liking the metaphor of hardware sketching. A few years ago, I’d have called this sort of thing a “prototype”, but given how quickly and easily it was built, it really is a hardware sketch. (Shame they didn’t use Processing instead of Flash, but oh well..)

A “time machine” radio that allows you tune into a year instead of a radio frequency.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

one semester down, one more to go

I gave my end-of-semester talk on Tuesday. It could have gone better — I didn’t understand how to present a literature review and got nailed for that, my bad for not finding out the mechanics in advance . Overall I was happy with my presentation and the feedback, not terribly happy with the results of my research (which will go up in web form very soon).

The short of it is I’d picked an output for haptic feedback that for me was really problematic outside of research/experiment conditions. I read a lot of papers saying, “I did this and it worked” but none of them mentioned the negative problems/cases for this type of output. Ok, great, so you’ve shown how to use a fubar to relate concrete data, but you fail to mention that the fubar weighs a ton, sucks power like a mofo, and is not the cheapest toy in the store.

This week I’ll re-do my literature review and make a website for my project then post links here…

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