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Sunday, April 15, 2007

school update, 20070414

I haven’t been writing much lately because between work and class, I have about zero free time to think about anything else.

We just finished a large chunk of product design model building and entertainment exercises that I loved but that I am so glad to be done with. My weakest area is drawing, and that’s the area that we cut back on while focusing on 3D models. My visualization studio is also going amazingly well, I really like taking a class where I’m learning theory and tools that I can immediately apply back to work in a couple of weeks when the semester is over.

There are a few things about the design pedagogy at school that aren’t quite right for a non-traditional student, but I’m optimistic that these can be worked out. If the vast majority of your students are straight out of high school it makes perfect sense to tailor a curriculum to fit those students. I seriously needed Drawing I (and would benefit from taking it again!), but there are other classes where I hope that prior experience coursework will let me place out of the intro class and into something a bit more challenging.

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