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radio silence redux

There’s a reason I haven’t been updating this journal and it’s not because I got sucked into twitter/facebook. There’s just not been much to say about what I’m doing right now — it’s either portfolio work in progress or stuff I can’t talk about due to NDA.

Adding to the workload is the fact that I’m a homeowner in the northeast which means I have to cram most of my home improvement work into a few summer months. In ~6 weeks, the house will be sporting an environmentally friendly rear deck and stairs made of locally sourced black locust. I want to avoid synthetic/composite decks, sealing a cedar deck every 2-3 years is a pain, and there’s no redwood to be had this far east. I was whining about all this when a friend of mine from Pittsburgh suggested black locust. It’s a regional hardwood that has evolved to deal with the local climate had has an outdoor rating of 75+ years without being painted or sealed. It isn’t as cheap as pine and cedar, but the thought of having a deck that will easily last 50+ years with no maintenance makes me quite happy.


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