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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Word Count * Frequency = Some Constant k.

I’m working on a few long-form posts right now, so there won’t be as many short posts as usual. And if you’re thinking, “man, most of what you write is long”, then apologies in advance.

Speaking of which, shameless plug for a tool I’m growing to love: Scrivener. After years of writing in emacs, making outlines in ascii then filling them in, I started checking out all sorts of outline/writing tools. In the past 5 years, Scrivener is the first thing to have me writing from the start in a tool and not an editor. Scrivener is a great tool and I’m beginning to get really sucked into for long-form writing, and it appears to have a sizable fan-base in the dramatic writing world as well.

Ok, so I’ll probably export the finished text to ascii and post it here; then load it up in emacs, mark it up in TeX and make a PDF. But I’m broken that way.

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