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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Why I’m not buying an iPhone, either.

I was all set to write up this clever bit about why I wasn’t going to buy an iPhone any time soon, then Laura Lemay went and did a better job of it before I finished mine.

She has a better/different smartphone than my xv6700, but I think we’re looking at this the same way. I have a solution that while not fancy or sleek or imbued with the Essence of Steve, works pretty well, so it’s hard to get all worked up about the iPhone.

More importantly, the Apple hype machine is in high gear showing all sorts of promos everywhere they can, and that makes me a wee bit nervous. Historically, when Apple has had something that’s really good they tend to blindside people with it. They’re not doing this with the iPhone, they’re talking about it everywhere they can, they’re loaning pre-release units to the media, etc etc. Newsweek calls it “the most anticipated gizmo ever”, but buried down in Levy’s review is the gem that it took him a couple of days before he could use it with a single finger and that after two weeks he’s only beginning to get the hang of two-thumb typing. Days to just get single touch to work? Two weeks to learn double-thumb typing?

Oh yeah, and no GPS, no high speed data, and no goodlink support announced.

For $500 and a two year contract.

Nope, not for me.

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  1. I have a hard time justifying dropping 600 bones on a phone.

    Comment by Howard Berkey — 2007/06/30 @ 13:25

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