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Wednesday, May 4, 2005

The Crucible

(Note: This is a reference entry that I’ll cite in the future, that’s why it reads like a footnote.)

It’s hard to describe The Crucible without using their phrase, “An Educational Collaboration of Arts, Industry and Community”. The Crucible not only offers classes in a wide variety of industrial skills, the arts, and practical knowledge; they rent out studio space and work areas to artists and provide a venue for all manner of entertainment.

When I first took a class at The Crucible they were crammed into a horrible little building in Berkeley and our classroom was a storage room with a table in the middle. To be honest, I didn’t really notice or care — I was so absorbed in learning the tricks of working with electroluminescent wire that minor issues like lack of proper ventilation, noise from the power hammer in the main room, or rickity chairs simply didn’t register .

Now The Crucible is in a huge building in Oakland with wonderful classrooms, designated areas for various fabrication methods, plenty of power, light, and ventilation, and just about anything you could ask for in an industrial arts facility. More amazing, classes and studio time at the The Crucible are cheap. Cheap, cheap cheap, even when compared to something like the Pittsburgh Glass Center, located in a town with roughly half the cost of living as the Bay Area.

The Crucible is an amazing resource and other cities should be envious enough to fund similar ventures in their industrial districts. You can learn everything from neon to tig welding to blacksmithing to kinetic sculpture, share workspace with some truly inspiring and creative people, and not spend much money in the process. If you’ve ever wanted to build outdoor art for Burning Man, make a tricked out bicycle, blow glass, make sculpture out of scrap industrial equipment, or do damn near anything involving fire, metal, glass or electricity, head over to The Crucible. If you’re just wanting to pick up some useful life skills they also teach classes on basic metal working, motorcycle repair, sewing, and other skills useful to the modern DIY type.

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