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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Winter Break? What’s That?

…and I thought winter break was going to be a time of rest and relaxation.

Because I have a BA in an unrelated field, I’m being asked to apply as a transfer student at the school I’d like to attend full time. (I’m only part-time at my current school, and if I go full time, I want to go to a much better schoo.) Since I’m applying as a transfer student, I have to submit a portfolio — preferably 10-15 items and a recent sketchbook. On the upside, I’ve documented the hell out of several recent projects. On the downside, I didn’t organize any of that documentation. Oh, and a sketchbook? Well, I have several, but only every third page is something other than project notes, todo lists, personal commentary, etc. So, time to start keeping a ‘real’ sketchbook.

So this semester I’m only going to take only one class — Drawing I — and spend the rest of my time focusing on building portfolio material. My portfolio review is only a month after the start of the semester, but I’ll need all the free time that I can manage to get things together. (Oh, and I already checked to make sure I didn’t get the same professor as before. Based on the reading materials for the class, this one actually appears to be interested in teaching us how to draw.)

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